About us


A brand new Boutique Fitness Studio bringing South West London a hit of SPIN, BOX and SWEAT excitement.

Nestled in Balham, our goal is to satisfy your fitness, health, and well-being desires. Be prepared to sweat out your sins with some of London’s best Instructors and leave the house feeling brand new.



Is a Loud Energetic Indoor Spin Experience. An escape and journey off your own lead out of your normal day where you can explore through body and beats to epic music, lighting and choreography.

45 mins of a dirty, fun sweat fest on the bike using resistance bands with varied tracks and movements that will challenge your whole entire body, pushing you out of your comfort zone to reset and recharge you mentally and physically to get you back on track.


Is a 45 mins, high intensity boxing circuit class using Everlast’s latest hydro strike bags. BOX will help you work on boxing technique, covering footwork, drills and skills on the bag. In addition, the class incorporates HIIT training and Strength & Conditioning for a full body workout in a nightclub setting, leaving you fighting fit.


Combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, yoga and strength training, prepare to feel the burn as you work deep into those muscle groups to build a lean, sculpted body of a dancer. Barre is a low impact, full body workout that not only builds strength and burns fat, but also focuses on posture and mobility.


Compliment your training with a gentle yoga inspired class aimed to help you relax, improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Expect a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin styles that will leave you feeling calm & restored.