Zack photo

Mr Motivator and King of Burpees is our excitable dog in the pack to go to. He became a trainer due to his experiences and found a passion to help people get through difficult situations. After breaking his lower back and spending a year in rehab he met many others with injuries inspiring them to continue their recovery. He believes exercising isn’t just for fat loss or conditioning, it’s to free the mind and a way to build your confidence. He will for sure help you change your mindset to a positive, self loving one.

He says ‘Don’t overcomplicate the process, it should all be fun, engaging and a well balanced one…The time is going to pass by, why not get something from it? This S**t never gets easier, but you just get better!’

DOGGY STYLE : INTENSITY! Think Dance and Old School Hip Hop whilst your workout consists of Boxing, bodyweight, HIIT and conditioning.
BEAT OF CHOICE : ‘The Next Episode’ By Dr Dre
DOG TREAT : Pic and Mix all dayyyy – got to go large!
DOGHOUSE RULE : Step into the Box and lose yourself –  you can do more than you think…