TJ photo

This baller will put you through your paces and have you feeling and looking  great. A national champion in basketball, he isn’t scared of putting in the work …but he knows it must be enjoyable.

Having trained teams, groups and individuals for years to achieve the results they want, Tigan understands the importance of catering to individual needs.  Fitness isn’t a quick fix and Tigan wants to share the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle with you.

He prides himself on making training tough but motivating.  He adapts his training to individual abilities, ensuring you feel challenged but accomplished after every session.  The results speak for themselves.

If you’re ready to begin your fitness journey, ramp your training up a gear or prepare for that competition or event, hit him up to discuss your goals, and let’s go!

DOGGY STYLE : “Get Fit to Stay Fit” – he’s all about consistency and lasting results.
BEAT OF CHOICE : “Champion” by Fall Out Boy… because we all are
DOG TREAT : Chocolate (No explanation necessary!)