Tash photo

You can catch Tash (accompanied by TED – our fluffy Doghouse homie) inspiring people by trying her best to lead by example. Also a professional dancer and singer – she came into fitness as a happy accident.

Challenging her body in different ways and inspiring others to do the same knowing how rewarding it is to see someone develop and grow both physically and mentally

She will do all the workouts with you as she wants to show you that we are in it together – especially a good long plank…
The painful journey will be shared as one. Besides, no one likes someone standing over them shouting FIVE MORE!!!

DOGGY STYLE : High energy based on a connection and intention
BEAT OF CHOICE : ‘Pon De Replay’ By Rhianna will always get her on the dance floor
DOG TREAT : A good vegan (not sure if that counts!) brownie, cake, or flapjack, basically anything that goes well with a cup of tea!
DOGHOUSE RULE : Work hard, Play Harder