Sam photo

A ray of sunshine is our Sam….Having come from a professional dance background, Sam worked within Bollywood in India, toured China with an artist as well as dance in the commercial sector back in London with various brands and artists.

She decided to become a female only personal trainer as she wanted to educate women on all things nutrition & fitness and help with similar problems that she had faced previously with body confidence. Helping them to believe in themselves to do anything they want.

Being a huge believer in balance, she also has a mission to help women believe and trust that they don’t have to deprive themselves of life (and prosecco) whilst being on their fitness journey and/or reaching goals/results they wish for..

DOGGY STYLE : Loud, Chatty and Happy with some Electronic Tunes
BEAT OF CHOICE : Anything by the Spice Girls!
DOG TREAT : PROSECCO (Alcohol in general!)
DOGHOUSE RULE : Believe you can and you will..