Lyanne photo

Our Loud, Loveable, Sassy Ex professional dancer, who was sick of women not knowing what and how to treat and train their bodies and lacking self belief. Her mission is to educate and empower every woman to love their bodies, train heavy and eat happily and healthily. She gets her motivation from the ability to know that she can achieve the impossible.

She quotes ‘You can only truely inspire If you are truely passionate. So by doing the things I love I can inspire, be real and be honest whilst doing it’

DOGGY STYLE : Heavy beasting to some real gritty epic motivational sounds
BEAT OF CHOICE : OOOO Hans Zimmer Time and and and Okiem Purple Sky (see what she means …epic)
DOG TREAT : Cheeky Cocktails!
DOGHOUSE RULE : Face down, Ass Up and Ride Dirty!