Lisa photo


Spin has always been a space for Lisa to completely lose herself and switch off. As a busy Social Media Marketing Manager, 45 minutes of total disconnect is her haven. Lisa also music obsessed and feels lucky to be able to motivate a room full of people with her favourite tunes!

Lisa believes doing exercise isn’t all about aesthetic – it’s about building inner strength, self-confidence and appreciating what your body can do. She wants to inspire people to feel positively towards their bodies. Lisa’s number one goal is to make sure members leave her spin class feeling empowered and confident.

Expect to hear Indie R&B, Hip Hop and Drum & Bass in my class, with the occasional reggaeton track. From Jorja Smith to SHY FX, her tracks are super sassy, high intensity, and will leave you feeling like a BOSS!

Favourite Quote: If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? – Ru Paul