Kevin photo

What’s not to love about him…Quick-Witted, Compassionate and Real with a Dance/Athletic approach – if you can’t catch him in class, you’ll be sure to find him in our cafe munching away… yes he admits he is an absolute Foodie!

You’ll never be short of laughs when your in the studio with this one, realistically positive and helping you out in anyway he can creating an enjoyable yet tough and challenging experience.

But you know you can always count on him for a good time even if it does hurt!
He’ll coach you on how to stop looking for the light and how to become it instead…

DOGGY STYLE : Hardcore with a hint of humour with a mixture of deep house, hip hop, hip hop house and old school garage
BEAT OF CHOICE : That’s The Way Love Goes By Janet Jackson
DOG TREAT : Ermmm… ALL the food…?
DOGHOUSE RULE : If they don’t pay your bills, you pay those bitches no mind