Fran photo

‘POW’ is the only way best to describe her and that vibrant, infectious energy she gives off.

Motivated and Magical, she will always be there for you in more ways than one and will always make the time when you need an extra spark no matter how busy she is…and trust us, she is non stop – but you only have to be around her for a tiny while to realise what a beautiful believer and strong soul she is.

Half Latina, she is believe it or not 1 of 4 Quadruplets! Coming from a crazy family of sports addicts she became a trainer purely for the fact that she has so much energy to give to you all, she can’t keep it all to herself can she…?! By helping you believe in yourself with positive vibes you’ll be able to appreciate and celebrate your body with the gift of movement and expression.

DOGGY STYLE : Full Out Fran…Dance and Music will make you forget your surroundings
BEAT OF CHOICE : ‘Mas Que Nada’ – Black Eyed Peas and Sergio Mendez – The latino side comes out…
DOG TREAT : Endless Coffee (not that she needs it!) – a buzz and a push to bring her party animal to life
DOGHOUSE RULE : Express Yourself and Break SOME rules