Diana photo

Diana has 16 years experience in Fitness as a trainer. She is extremely motivated to get the most out of every single of her clients. The biggest compliment for her is when exercise becomes a highlight of her client’s day, something they look forward to rather than just another chore. She believes in everyone’s potential.

Don’t be fooled though as she might seem as a soft, nice person in life, she will work you hard and makes sure you will discover the space ‘out of your comfort zone’ as there is what real changes are happening.She has a strong Fitness background. She specialises in high energy, power and strength based classes and programmes. However, she also teaches Pilates and pre- and post natal clients, being herself a mom of 2.

DOGGY STYLE: Training starts when you are about to quit
BEAT OF CHOICE: keeping her playlist fresh and to date, however being an 80’s child you can find some old school tracks on her playlist like Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Sean Paul or TLC
DOG TREAT: chocolate any time of the day (not dark one)