Danni photo

Creative Genius and Lead Blonde Bombshell that looks after all the DOG HOUSE pups (our instructors). She is a woman on the streets but an absolute animal on the bike. She heads up SPIN and has the ability to dance on the bike without making it look like its not even there.

She might be soft in person but she won’t give you anything but hard in the studio, be prepared to escape off the lead out of your comfort zone…

Danni has danced with artists such as Katy Perry, Take That, Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, Little Mix, One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, Will Young to name a few and on shows such as X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Britains Got Talent and The Voice.
She is also Resident Director of the World’s Biggest Touring Magic Show – The Illusionists.

She is extremely determined, driven and will not let anyone or anything stop her from reaching her goals & destinations… no matter what life throws at her. She believes that we all have things that will jolt our path but it’s how we deal with them and how badly you want something…you do what you need in the studio as a rehearsal and take it with you for real life situations, where pain will leave once you’ve learnt and grown

DOGGY STYLE : Eat, Spin, Dance, Repeat
BEAT OF CHOICE : Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (TRAP CITY REMIX)
DOG TREAT : Avocados… (jokes not jokes) Pic n Mix sweets but HAVE to be from the Cinema!
DOGHOUSE RULE : All Dogs must learn new tricks…