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Blonde Bombshell, Cardio Junkie and Music Student – you can always rely on this girl for a varied playlist and a personal approach.

After struggling with her weight, yo-yo dieting and smashing out cardio for hours on end, she lost a hell of a lot of muscle so decided this was her chance to learn properly about exercise, nutrition to pass on her knowledge and help others.

She believes there is no one way to look – you don’t have to be a super ripped Instagram model to be valid as a fitness person, it’s about feeling good and that’s what she will help you understand. Fitness should be fun!

DOGGY STYLE : Personable, Genuine and Fun
BEAT OF CHOICE : Mr Brightside by The Killers … Hits her right in the feels!
DOG TREAT : Deep fried halloumi!
DOGHOUSE RULE : Unleash your inner beast