Amy photo

Let us introduce the ultimate Aussie pocket rocket. This genuine article oozes positivity and combined with her contagious joie de vivre, enviable inner strength and general ‘can do’ attitude, she will have you chomping at the bit to hop on that bike, whipping you into shape in no time. An inspirational teacher by day and box queen ninja by night, this firecracker is quite the energy injector; she’ll have you losing yourself to the beat, pumping to the tunes, whilst you ride on an endless wave of endorphins.

No mountains too high as she’ll scoop you up on those days when you would ‘rather not’ ensuring you leave with a spring in your step and a definite feel-good factor.

Her brilliance is made all the more brilliant when you know quite what she has overcome. Only Amy would use a serious spinal injury as a launchpad for bigger and better things. Definitely, a girl who sees the glass half full, 5 minutes in her presence you will soon believe anything is possible. Boundaries will be pushed; targets will be challenged; a friend will be made. This girl is gold!