Alice photo

If you haven’t seen or heard of this Loud, Strong and Determined Insta Queen then we’re here to introduce you to her now… and you best get to know her as she is our go to lady for keeping our house under control and in charge of our BOX squad.

Her 10 years background in Finance sitting at a desk led her to find her happy place at the gym to finally take the plunge to become a Trainer – and what an epic one she is.

Incredibly competitive, her drive to be better than what she was yesterday will push you to find new talents that you might not even know you have.

DOGGY STYLE : Strength, Squats and Dirty Beats
BEAT OF CHOICE : ‘Big Man Skank’ by Chase & Status
DOG TREAT : Wine and Vegan Pizzas
DOGHOUSE RULE : Rule Your Mind or It Will Rule You